Firstly, Thank you for choosing Centrone Finance. We look forward to building a solid partnership with you.

The following information is a general guide to how a home loan application flows. Depending on the current environment at the time of application, eg world pandemic, there may be slight variations as we adjust to what is happening outside of our control.



Before we Meet


  • Book an Appointment - Now, First step is booking an appointment. You may book in a time even if you have not spoken to us.

  • Client Details Form & Upload Supporting Docs - Secondly, Please head to this page to fill out the form and upload supporting documents on our secure platform.
    We also have avenues to obtaining your bank statement on the day of appointment. So no stress if you can't upload a copy.

  • Appointment Day - Please allow 60 minutes so we can discuss loan options. Bring along all of the relevant supporting docs on the day.

    -  ID
    -  PAYG Payslips x 2 most recent 
    - Self Employed most recent financials
    - Savings and Liability account details.
    We can also download statements on the day.
    - Agent, Accountant, Conveyancer contact details
    - Loan Contract/s

    There is parking at the back of the office for your convenience.


Loan Submission to Settlement 

  • Day 1 to 15 - Loan lodgement. Once we have received all the information and you are happy with the options presented, we then proceed with the application lodgement.

    The lender will then come back with the conditions of approval. There may be instances where the lender may require a few more answers surrounding your application.  We will work with you to fulfil any of the lenders' requests.

  • Day 15 to 20 - Formal Approval -  Once Loan Contracts arrive, we will meet at Centrone Finance office to sign them together and answer any questions you may have. Once it's all correctly signed you will receive your copy on the day. Signed contracts are then delivered back to the lender or solicitor.

    During this phase if you are purchasing a property you will be required to make an appointment with your conveyancer to change the title of ownership. We will guide you. We can recommend a conveyancer if you don't have a preferred one.  We notify the real estate agent to keep them abreast of the process too.

  • Day 20 to 24 - Loan contracts will be verified by the lender/solicitor to ensure that the contracts have been correctly executed before we can book in settlement.  If we are applying through a new bank we will also ensure your internet banking and accounts are set up prior to settlement.

  • Day 24 to 29 - Book in Settlement Date. Once loan contracts are verified settlement is then booked. We will notify the agent on your behalf.

  • Day 30 - Settlement Day. All relevant parties involved meet to settle this loan. Clients just sit by their phone waiting for the good news to pick up their new house keys.

    Please note: Due to situations outside of our control there may be slight delays of several days and settlement may be missed. When we feel that this unforeseen circumstance will happen we will notify clients and negotiate with all parties involved on clients' behalf should there be an unhappy member. Leave it with us. Settlement will happen.

  • Around 11 months Post Settlement - Loan Review. We will be in touch to see how clients are travelling with the loan.

    Please feel free to be in touch with us if a review is required earlier.