" I have never met Vic but he is so helpful. I look forward to his emails to keep me informed " - Real estate agent


" Thank you Matt and the team at Centrone Finance, it's been a delightful process, wishing you happy holidays " - Second home buyer

" I can never get in touch with my business banker, he doesn't take my call for months. You are now my business banker, because I can call you anytime " - Commercial Investor


" I referred my friends because the process was made easy " - First home buyer

" We like how the team at Centrone Finance piece their application and deal notes together. It is enjoyable to process as it's clear and concise. We now send them business from the branch when we have an overflow " - Lender


" I was referred by my client after my bank said "no" and was told to wait another 12 months. I came to see Matt and 90 days later became a proud owner to our dream family home - Self-employed, First home buyer


" Vic is funny, we love his emails " - Professionals

" I had $30K saved and I wanted to know the best way to go about  things to buy a home sooner. It was a 12 month discipline process but well worth it. The guidance provided was clear " - First home owner

" I came to Matt for my first investment property purchase and the process was made easy. 6 months later I then came back to buy my first-home when the government released their grant during the pandemic. With Matt's guidance I can actually see my real estate portfolio vision becoming reality now " - Young property Investor


" Mister Matt, we tell our friends about you. Please help my friend with buying their first home. They will be happy to hear from you " - Happy client

" Do you have a broker? No? Ok, don't worry about Tom, Dic and Harry. You just need to know Matt. Matt is now your broker. I will get him to call you today ". - Real estate agent



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